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Insomnia Causes

Sleepless at night can make you overly optimistic

Did you know that sleepless at night can make you overly optimistic?

Recent studies have discovered that sleeplessness causes the sleepless to concentrate on ‘positive outcomes’ in any degree.
Sleepless at night can make you overly optimistic

Researchers looked at the impact of sleep deprivation on 29 adult volunteers as they carried out gambles to win cash prizes.
Participants were tested after a normal night’s rest and after they had been kept awake all night. 

For half the gambles they were given the option to increase the top prize or boost their overall chance of winning. For the other half of games they were given the chance to reduce the worst loss, or increase their odds of winning.

Sleep deprivation shifted most volunteers’ behaviour from avoiding loss to pursuing gain, the study found, making them more optimistic about winning.

A boost in optimism triggered by lack of sleep could see tired drivers taking dangerous risks. And it could lead to sleep deprived pedestrians dashing across the road in the mistaken belief they have enough time to cross safely.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep impairs the brain’s ability to make decisions.

However, this has often been attributed to the effect of tiredness on attention and memory.

The scientists, who report the findings in the Journal of Neuroscience, said the phenomenon was not linked to concentration or memory.

The findings suggest that gamblers who visit casinos late at night could be stacking the odds against themselves.

Doctors estimate that as many as half of all adults don’t sleep as well as they should, do not get the right amount of sleep or do not get the quality of sleep they need to function properly.Trouble sleeping

Our fast paced society can make it difficult to sleep and a full nights quality sleep can seem like a luxury. Unfortunately a lack of quality sleep affects your entire body and mind.

Just because you get in bed at night and get up in the morning, it doesn’t mean you are getting restorative sleep. And it’s what happens to you body while you sleep that counts.

You go through a series of sleep cycles during the night, or at least you do when you get quality sleep. These cycles are regulated by your body clock and without them you can feel like you haven’t slept at all.

Your sleep patterns are regulated by an internal body clock that is sensitive to light and the time of day. As you sleep you move through cycles during the night, moving between deep restorative sleep, more alert stages and dreaming.

And this is where Melatrol can help. Remember that melatonin, converted from serotonin, controls your sleep cycles. Thanks to the 5-HTP in Melatrol, you’ll have all the serotonin you need to ensure your healthy sleep cycles..

About Insomnia Help

If you’ve suffered from insomnia, broken sleep or lack of sleep for any reason, you’ll know what a ‘nightmare’ it can be.

Everybody needs to sleep, yet thousands of people in every country suffer from a variety of night time conditions which make the following morning hell.

Insomnia Help is here to help you help treat a number of these night times conditions including insomnia, disrupted sleep and the inability to get to sleep quickly.

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