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Sleep Deprivation in College Students can affect their grades

Did you know that sleep deprivation among college students can affect their grades?

A recent study on sleep deprivation found that around 60 percent of college students are sleep deprived.

Statistics says that another 30 percent fall asleep in class at least one day a week.

Sleep deprivation and college become synonymous. It has almost become part of the college culture.

Sleep Deprivation in College Students

How can Sleep deprivation in college students affect their grades

Studies have shown students who get A’s and B’s get an average of 35 more minutes of sleep per night than their counterparts who get D’s and F’s. And they also sleep at the same time each night, every night.

So if you are a college student suffering from sleep deprivation, that is the number one thing you can do to start getting more sleep.

I know it is tempting to go out and party with your friends, but you need to take proper care of your health first.

Lack of sleep in college students

Sleep deprivation facts

A study at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., indicated what may seem obvious to most: All-nighters are not an effective way to succeed in school.

“You can’t do your best work when you’re sleep-deprived,” says psychology professor Pamela Thacher, who wrote the study.

sleep deprivation studiesThacher studied the sleeping patterns and transcripts of 111 students to see the correlation between sleep and their GPAs.

Two-thirds of the students reported that they had pulled at least one all-nighter during a semester.

Many students believe that it’s a “rite of passage” to stay up all night during college and that “it’s kind of fun,” Thacher says.

But “if you use all-nighters, your GPA is slightly lower on average,” Thacher says. “Pulling all-nighters compromises your (overall) sleep” and makes it difficult to reach full academic potential.

Short-term side effects of sleep deprivation in college students include delayed reactions and tendencies to make mistakes.


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