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Niacin Pills – What is Niacin ?

Niacin pills contains vitamin B-3 which is one of the B-complex vitamins.

One of niacin’s main properties is that it has the ability to help you relax naturally and get to sleep much easier and faster at night.

What is Niacin ?

B vitamins help your body to convert carbohydrates into glucose, which is then burned to produce energy. The B vitamins also help the body use the fats and protein you eat. B vitamins are necessary for healthy skin, hair, eyes, and liver and nervous system.

Niacin (Vitamin B-3) helps your adrenal glands make a variety of sex and stress-related hormones. It’s also effective in helping to improve circulation and reducing cholesterol levels in your blood.

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Niacin Side Effects

All the B vitamins are water-soluble, this just means that your body does not store them, so you need regular intake of them.

All medicines may cause side effects, but many people have no, or minor, side effects.

Check with your doctor if any of these most COMMON side effects persist or become bothersome when using Niacin pills:

  • Stomach upset;
  • temporary skin redness,
  • tingling or feelings of warmth (flushing)

Niacin Pills Dosage

The recommended daily niacin dosage is:

  • 2–12 mg/day for children,
  • 14 mg/day for women,
  • 16 mg/day for men, and
  • 18 mg/day for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

The upper limit for adult men and women is 35 mg/day, which is based on flushing as the critical adverse effect.

Niacin Flush

Niacin pills helps you relax naturally and get to sleep quickly and easily, along with reducing anxiety and depression.

Flush free niacin pillsBecause it dilates blood vessels you’ll feel a sensation of warmth known as the “niacin flush” which indicates a temporary saturation of niacin.

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About Insomnia Help

If you’ve suffered from insomnia, broken sleep or lack of sleep for any reason, you’ll know what a ‘nightmare’ it can be.

Everybody needs to sleep, yet thousands of people in every country suffer from a variety of night time conditions which make the following morning hell.

Insomnia Help is here to help you help treat a number of these night times conditions including insomnia, disrupted sleep and the inability to get to sleep quickly.

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