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Symptoms of lack of sleep

Symptoms of lack of sleep are connected with some of most common sleep disorders and could lead to so many other illnesses and diseases.

Try to evaluate your own sleeping habits and whether or not sleep deprivation is an issue before beginning an insomnia or sleep disorder treatment.

Sleep deprivation isn’t “normal” and if you’re not careful, it might possibly be a catalyst for future illnesses if not kept in check.

Not all of symptoms can be noticeable to you but can become worse over time if left alone. Be certain to know about them now if you’re starting to find it harder and harder to sleep.

The side effects of insomnia can vary from person to person and also the severity can be different as well. Not everyone will show the same symptoms and this can make it hard to tell what the problem is with your lack of sleep. Don’t wait until your symptoms become so bad it is affecting your life before you start trying to find help.

Symptoms of lack of sleep

  • Depression: The very first symptom of lack of sleep is depression which can in turn lead to severe health complications. People suffering insomnia are at high risk of suffering from chronic depression.
  • Weight Loss or Gain: Sleep deprivation can lead to interruption in the production of hormones that help in regulating appetite, metabolism and glucose. People suffering from this condition usually face changes in their appetite like eating constantly even if he/she is not hungry. This condition can cause the person to gain sudden weight or to lose weight.
  • Trouble in Speaking and memory loss: Due to prolonged lack of sleep, the brain of a human may not get the required sleep or rest eventually affecting the speech to some extent. This can result in slurred and mispronounced speech. This condition can also cause blackouts which is going blank for either short or longer periods of time. The brain of a human recharges during sleep and this process involves retrieval, acquisition and maintenance of all the memories. Lack of sleep can lead to memory problems in an individual and it can sometimes lead to the condition of amnesia.
  • Exhaustion, weariness and lethargy are different forms of fatigue and are caused due to lack of sleep. A person suffering from this condition may feel tired for no reason and he/she may feel very tired to even move. This can result in poor performance in school, work and home.
  • Hallucination: This is another symptom of lack of sleep and people suffering from lack of sleep may see things or hear voices. They may even see flashes of bright light in their eyes.
  • Tremors: A person suffering from this condition may experience twitching, shaking or tremors which are caused due to continuous muscular activity without any proper rest time. It may also cause cramping in most of them.
  • Irritability: People suffering from lack of sleep may act cranky all the time and may get irritated over every small issue.

Have you ever noticed that when you are exhausted or stressed, you seem to come down with a cold?

That’s because without the right amount of quality sleep your immune system can weaken and your body becomes more vulnerable to infection and disease.

Neurons are at the heart of your nervous system and carry out both voluntary actions such as picking something up or walking and also involuntary actions, like breathing and digesting the food you eat.

Sleep is extremely important for resting and repairing your neurons and recent studies have also shown that when you sleep, your brain may restore the energy stores that your cells need to function, repair cellular damage and grow new nerve cells in the brain.

So as you can see, there are so many negative implications to sleep deprivation it makes sense to find a solution as soon as possible.

NightCalm™ is made from natural and tested ingredients and it’s non addictive. 5-HTP is proven to play a massive role in your body’s ability to sleep due to the production and release of serotonin.

Whats more you can order now without a single worry, as you will be covered by our iron clad 180 Day Guarantee. If NightCalm™ doesn’t work for you . . . we will refund your money, so order today in complete confidence.


About Insomnia Help

If you’ve suffered from insomnia, broken sleep or lack of sleep for any reason, you’ll know what a ‘nightmare’ it can be.

Everybody needs to sleep, yet thousands of people in every country suffer from a variety of night time conditions which make the following morning hell.

Insomnia Help is here to help you help treat a number of these night times conditions including insomnia, disrupted sleep and the inability to get to sleep quickly.

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