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Insomnia therapy
Insomnia Helpline: 020 8994 9874

Sleep Calculator

Simply use the sleep calculator below to determine whether you are sleeping enough or not.

Remember, getting the right amount of sleep every night is incredibly important, or you will start to develop “sleep debt.”

The more hours of sleep you miss, the more physical and psychological problems you can expect to encounter as your grow older.

Simply fill in the information below and find out how much sleep do you need!

About Insomnia Help

If you’ve suffered from insomnia, broken sleep or lack of sleep for any reason, you’ll know what a ‘nightmare’ it can be.

Everybody needs to sleep, yet thousands of people in every country suffer from a variety of night time conditions which make the following morning hell.

Insomnia Help is here to help you help treat a number of these night times conditions including insomnia, disrupted sleep and the inability to get to sleep quickly.

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